I'd like to see some art...

I'm Angrboda, and this is a curated gallery of some of my fave NSFW transformation, furry, and other niche illos that I've completed over the years. The vast majority of these images are adult (18+) and are not suitable for other audiences. Image descriptions are included with individual CWs.

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goo TF, female dick growth, oviposition(ish)

mtf donkey tf/tg. Comm for Firr.

cowgirl tf, fem nudity, slight udder growth

Early stage snakegirl tf, vaguely implied hypno

Spider / drider tf. Implied recruitment.

Office cowgirl. Transformation, BE.

Horse dick growth. Transformation, Fem solo.

Elf girl to Skaven (rat). Transformation, Fem solo.

SFW, latex under clothing, devilgirl

fem solo, gargoyle TF, tail fucking

Woman to unicorn tf. Comm for Leasara.

Bunny girl TF w/ ovipoistion. 1/2

Witch / Tiger dude. Transformation, F/M oral.

Latex catgirl. Transformation, Fem solo.

Male wolf transformation. Comm for Hans.

furry on human, blowjob, m/f, POV

sexdoll tf, fem nudity, implied loss of agency

tentacle creature x fem elf, goo transformation

Jackal girl TF comic. Hypno, masturbation.

Bunny girl TF w/ ovipoistion. 2/2

Chryssalid (alien monster) transformation.

Zone-style dragon girl. Character design.

Katherine (Kitten Remix). General audiences.


dog girl TF dragon knight tf dragon knight tf dragon knight tf dragon knight tf cow girl injection TF