I'm here to read some stuff...

And by "stuff", I mean stories about people turning into horny monsters. If you're so inclined, Abe E Seedy is your guy, and this is the part of the site where we offer a library of the stories he's released on the internet for free. All the stories in this section are adult (18+) and are not suitable for other audiences. Check story tags for more specific content warnings.

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Moving into a new place can be tough. Fortunately, turning into a tentacle monster gives you plenty to do, and plenty to write about in your online journal. ~ 5.7k words, 2 illos

contains female monstergirl / alien tf, f/f, f solo, alien dick growth, tentacles, oviposition, cum everywhere

Maria has an up close and personal experience with a strange plant, which has consequences only you, dear reader, could forsee. ~ 5.5k words, 1 illo

contains female lustification, plant tentacle sex, f/m/m/m/etc., f solo, cum everywhere

Maria's adventures continue, and start spreading to her partner and neighbors. Is she building a harem of unstoppable horny plant friends? I mean, yeah, probably. ~ 3.5k words

contains dub-con / mind control, dick growth, girl to tentacle creature, guy to femme-ish sex pet, group sex, cum everywhere

Maria's adventures conclude at the rooftop pool, where Erin, another resident of the apartment complex, is taking a late evening solo swim. Nothing like a contaminated water supply to make the rest of the night interesting. ~ 4.7k words

contains dick growth, girl to tentacle creature, group sex, even more cum

Sometimes the key to a little relaxation is a good old fashioned erotic massage. Sometimes that massage gives you cow teats. I don't make the rules. ~ 2.2k words
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early stage cowgirl tf, milking, breast enlargement

A short but sweet morning romp between Abigail and her BF takes a left turn when she breaks out a magic amulet to change him and score some quality kitty time. ~ 1.1k words
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f/m light domming, male tiger tf, cunnilingus

A woman can't stop fantasising about encounters with a mysterious, serpentine man, finding her quiet country life revolving more and more around this all-consuming fantasy. Heavily focussed on mental conditioning, with the actual TF being implied (and perhaps entirely imagined). ~1k words
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contains hypnosis, mental conditioning, m/f sex, d/s, implied snake tf

Angela wakes up groggy, sweaty, and with a big ole horse dick. That wasn't there last night... ~ 1k words
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contains dick growth, f solo, horsecocks, cum

This one is the rare horny fanfic - what if XCOM's Chryssalid aliens were less scary and more sexy? Dr. Vahlen aims to answer that question for science with a little fantasizing and a lot of Meld. (Standard fanfic copyright disclaimers apply - this is intended only for fun parody / horny purposes, not for any sort of profit.) ~ 1.9k words, 2 illos

contains female soldier to horny bug alien tf, f/f, f solo, oviposition

Becky is a cheerleader with a couple of secrets, the most tame of which is that she plays D&D with Denise. Unfortunately, she's also got a bit of an image to project, no matter how much of a chore that might be, and how limiting it is for her... social life. Denise decides that the solution is to give her a hand, or several. ~ 2.4k words, 2 illos

contains female equine tf, f/f, f solo, and horse dick growth

A lesbian couple have a very particular way to unwind, which, given this website, rather unsurprisingly involves one of them being turned into a latex sex toy. Contains willing and enthusiastic TF, someone getting coated in plastic while being fucked by a magical dildo - basically, very standard stuff for here. ~1.2k words

contains dominance/submission, f/f sex, latex tf, enthusiastic toyification

An elf girl is taken prisoner and converted to a Skaven by her captors. Heavy hypno overtones soften a thematically harder story. ~1k words
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contains hypnosis, ratgirl tf, dubcon, allusions to breedng

While exploring a ruin, a cave-in separates Clara from her team. Will she ever escape and get tenure? Why won't her leg stop itching? Where did all these eggs come from...? ~2.6k words
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contains spider/drider tf, oviposition, cocooning / bondage, implied recruitment

Black Cat Club

In case you were curious what we mean when we say "Black Cat Club", this is an out-of-universe explaner piece, so you can get up to speed on the setting we often use, without having to piece the details together from a dozen scattered stories and pictures. It also contains a breakdown of the major and minor recurring characters, in case, for example, you were wondering who this 'Syn' person was that some random story acts like you already knew. ~1.6k words

contains navel-gazing about a made-up setting, but otherwise completely not porn. Still probably not safe for work though.

Never before posted on the internet, this story both introduces Slyck as a character, and shows what happens when he first meets Evan. And what happens, it turns out, is they double-team Syn. Because of course a first meeting in this setting involves competitive fucking. ~2.8k words

contains female/male latex catpeople tf, m/f/m sex, spitroasting, competitive corruptive encouragement

A short story from the Black Cat Club universe. In this one, Anna takes a new client through the Premium Preview Package, cowgirl theme. So, basically she turns someone into a horny cowgirl, in a way that the client didn't know she always wanted until it started happening. Ain't that always the way? ~2.1k words

contains female cow tf, f solo, and lots of lactation

A classic story from the beginning of the Black Cat Club series. Anna is travelling home at the end of the long day, and has to try to hold back her irrepressible arousal during a long busride, lest she change into her latex catgirl form, Syn. Her restraint doesn't entirely last, but she does make a new friend along the way. ~2.5k words

contains female latex catgirl tf, f solo, corruption, quietly embarrassing and faintly public horniness, attempted French

Another old story from the Black Cat Club universe, this time featuring Syn first recruiting McKenzie as a specialist octo-dom. This actually serves as a good introduction to the Black Cat Club - the story was originally just called "The Black Cat Club", but I've added the "Welcome" subtitle to be less confusing. It features many of the recurring characters and gives a bit of an introduction to each, while at the same time being a porn about a woman being tied up and teasingly encouraged to release her inner tentacle monster. ~3.7k words

contains bondage, f/f sex, female latex creature tf, spreading latex with tongues, and a girl growing both tentacles and a dick that she's very happy with